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Nestled in historic downtown Dalton, Georgia, Dalton Distillery was born from the ideals of love and family to bring together three generations of legal moonshiners with one purpose: to distill and produce delicious spirits together. Founded in 2015 by grandfather Raymond, father Chuck, and grandson Trey Dalton, their combined years of experience coupled with a tried-and-true, century old moonshine recipe were a recipe for success.

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Kris Paronto crossed paths with Dalton Distillery through a chance encounter online that seemed to be fate: Vietnam Veteran Raymond Dalton and Paronto connected based on a mutual set of beliefs that quickly came together to produce TANTO Vodka today. His deep love for distilling moonshine (starting at just 6 years old!) was so strong, he picked it back up the day he returned from military service and flourished in the craft the rest of his life. 


Early 2021 marked the devastating loss of beloved family patriarch Raymond, but today Chuck and Trey Dalton have formed a strong partnership in carrying on his legacy and their family name in the craft he loved so dearly. Today, Dalton Distillery produces a variety of small-batch craft spirits and unique botanical blends which showcase the Dalton family’s dedication to what it takes to produce some of Georgia’s finest spirits.

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